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At face value, the thought of an Ogre Blood Bowl team is enough to fill most players with dread. Who could hope to stand up against such a horrific team? Thankfully, the reality never quite lives up to their worst fears. For starters, most Ogres are incredibly thick. Just getting them to all turn up at the same time is a mammoth task (sometimes involving actual mammoths!). Then there’s the fact that very few coaches can afford to field more than a few Ogres at a time, meaning that most Ogre teams are bulked out with Gnoblars, Snotlings and similar ‘runts’. And then there’s the fact that, no matter how much you train them, the moment the whistle goes, most Ogres just default to what they know best, forgetting the ball in favour of trying to pound their enemies into a bloody mess. Coaches who know what they’re doing can turn this to their advantage, but it’s still a rare sight to see an Ogre team doing well in their league.

This is a set of Blood Bowl miniatures representing the Ogres. It contains 6 metal miniatures, and includes 4 ogres, 1 ogre thrower and 1 goblin, with 1 variant ogre head. Add the Goblin Boost Pack to make a full team.

Supplied with 6 40mm slotted round bases. Blood Bowl rules for this team are available as a free .pdf download in the tab on the right.

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