Kill Team – Killzone Upgrade: Gallowfall

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After thousands of years in the warp, the space hulk Gallowdark has emerged into realspace. Mortally wounded by scavengers and sabotage, this colossal, moon-sized derelict tumbles toward disaster – for those trapped within its labyrinthine corridors, survival is now the only victory. These desperate souls must patch their injuries, race for what few escape pods remain, and pray that the Gallowdark will not become their tomb.

Killzone Upgrade: Gallowfall is a scenery upgrade kit for Kill Team, providing additional modular pieces to expand and personalise your Gallowdark terrain set. This detailed kit is themed around surviving and escaping the space hulk, with a decaying medical facility and a set of escape pods. It includes components such as autopsy tables, surgical chairs, and medical machinery. All eight escape pods can be built with or without doors. These components were previously only available in the Kill Team: Gallowfall boxed set, and are essential to playing the Gallowfall mission pack found within the Kill Team Annual 2023.

This kit comprises 66 plastic components, with which you can build 18x Killzone: Gallowfall terrain pieces:
– 8x Escape pods
– 2x Autopsy tables
– 2x Surgical chairs
– 2x Stasis pod banks
– 2x Medical supply tables
– 2x Iron lungs

The contents of this set are supplied unassembled and unpainted – we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Colour paints. Note that this upgrade set is designed to be used alongside the Gallowdark terrain set, which is available separately.

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