Delaque Rogue Doc & Gang Lookout

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In the underhive, the best and the biggest gangs will always attract Hangers-on. Some of these even prove useful to the gang, such as the Rogue Doc and the Gang Lookout. Rogue Docs can patch up injured fighters, while lookouts can spot any unwanted visitors trying to enter a gang's territory.

Add the unique skills of a Rogue Doc and Gang Lookout to any Necromunda gang, while retaining that signature Delaque style. These always-useful characters offer advantages outside the swirl of battle, and they'll even add a little extra firepower during a scrap.

This highly detailed resin kit is supplied in 11 parts and builds one Delaque Rogue Doc and one Delaque Gang Lookout. It comes supplied with two round 25mm Necromunda bases, plus two gang fighter cards.

Rules for using these models in your games of Necromunda can also be found in the books, both available separately.

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