Quickbeam™ the Ent™

Quickbeam is one of the younger Ents of Fangorn Forest. While he is young in the eyes of the Ents, Quickbeam has roamed the forests for millennia. He gained his name for his apparent hastiness and impetuous nature – traits uncharacteristic of the Ents. When Treebeard gathers the Ents of Fangorn to march upon Isengard, Quickbeam wastes little time in joining the fight.

Quickbeam is the swiftest of all the Ents, yet lacks none of the hitting power for which the mighty treeherds are rightly feared. Lead the charge of your Ents with Quickbeam, and your opponent won’t know what’s hit them.

This kit comprises 19 resin components with which you can assemble 1x Quickbeam the Ent, and it comes supplied with a Citadel 60mm Round Base. Rules to include Quickbeam in your forces can be found in the War for Rohan supplement.

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