Hexis Heist: Train Station - Scenario Terrain

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Train Station from the Hexis Heist scenario set for StarScrappers: Battledrill skirmish game. Come presupported for a resin printing.


Battledrill is a fast-paced skirmish miniature game set in the Star Scrappers Universe, where you take control of brave humans, unyielding robots and mysterious aliens. In hostile places on primeval planets, where a lasergun in your holster is the only law, will you be the one who prevails and claims all the glory?

For more details about the game visit https://hexy.studio/games/battledrill/

Rules and all components (PDF version) including templates, cards and markers necesassary to play the game of Battledrill are available to download free of charge.

Rulebook Download

Print & Play Starter (PDF)

Official Discord Server

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