Pinups of Death - Hard Plastic Collection

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A collection of the first 8 pinups released by Kingdom Death remastered and tooled in hard plastic. The flagship pinups previously only released in resin are the perfect introduction to Kingdom Death hard plastic.The set is packaged in a deluxe kraft wrapped with original artwork by Lokman Lam. Each box makes 8 miniatures and contains: Pinup White SpeakerPinup ForsakerPinup SaviorPinup Great Game HunterPinup SurvivorPinup PreacherPinup Twilight KnightPinup Architect8 2-part Kingdom Death 30mm round basesA stylish black envelope containing 8 art cards, one for each pinup.PROMO Optional Kingdom Death Monster settlement event. A special event that can occur in your settlement.PROMO Optional Kingdom Death Monster gear. A unique piece of survivor armor gear to commemorate the pinup release.A lot of love and care has gone into the translation process moving this figures into plastic. We've packed the box with more optional details and each model is remastered and improved with greater detail. The two included Kingdom Death Monster promo cards are purely for fun and can be added to a campaign at the groups discretion. More DetailsBrand new Pinup Forsaker. An all new sculpt that is much closer to the original concept. Pinup Twilight Knight Cape and SwordThe Pinup Twilight Knight now carries the official Twilight Order sword and has a brand-new improved cape. Pinup Architect Head and Torso VariantsA variant head with no helmet and a variant torso with no cape. Pinup White SpeakerRemastered with improved proportions. Pinup Great Game HunterRemastered with a new head and a tweaked pose. Pinup Survivor with a new variant headRemastered and includes brand new variant head and the original head remastered. Pinup PreacherRemastered proportions to be closer to the concept art, new face and hair, includes heads with or without glasses. Pinup SaviorFace tweaked to be closer to the original concept art. Includes Sculptor Edit with new waist (skirtless), new arm (with sword).

Scale 32mm

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