Last War Mega Bundle!

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Checkout our Last War Mega Bundle including a HUGE range of 18 products from the Knucklebones Minis range.

These minis are all available separately on MMF or save $37 with this bundle!

  • Zombghouls
  • Modular Melee Trenchers
  • Unit of 6 Brewsters
  • Hounds from the Pit
  • Angel of Morte
  • Pistol Trooper
  • Trench Pistoleer Pointing
  • Trench Club Raider
  • Trench Raider with Guns
  • The Collector
  • Trench Wizard
  • Flamer
  • Hugo Buzzsaw Last War Machine Gunner
  • Trench Pony
  • War Piano
  • Death Beetle 
  • Grim WW1 Heads
  • Haversacks and Backpacks


All figures scaled for a 28mm world. 

The Collector - stands 55mm high.

Grim WW1 Heads - These are scaled for a chunky 28mm. If you are using them with traditional 28mm historical plastics then it may be best to scale them down by 5% or so. Have an experiment before you print masses!

Bases not included.

Presupported file included.

Please click on the links above for more images and descriptions.

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