Hannah Sharp 35mm (00335)

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Hannah came from a military family. Influenced by her family, she enrolled in the colonial security forces at age 18. Because of her excellent shooting skill, Hannah quickly became a famous sharpshooter. However, she was hit by an anti-personal mine in an operation, which took her feet and forced her to retire from service. After a period of depression, she was contacted and later recruited by Takeshi to the experimental unit of HOC Research Department. Takeshi provided funds for Hannah's biochemical transformation, which enabled her legs to be connected with mechanical feet components.

Hannah soon joined the test team of a new magnetic rail gun weapon. The research department developed a set of specialized equipment for her, which included a magnetic rail gun, reaction Plugsuit, and Cyborg feet. The system can collect kinetic energy from her body movement through the reaction Plugsuit to recharge the rail gun. This greatly reduces the weight of the battery that needs to be carried. Her Cyborg feet not only provide superior mobility, but also absorb the kickback energy and circulate it to the Plugsuit when firing the rail gun.

As the new weapon system became more sophisticated, it was ready to be put into actual combat. For political reasons, Takeshi did not want the success of this weapon to be exposed to the HOC board of directors, who would likely take control of it. Instead, an elite team led by Hannah joined the mercenary company “The Black Falcon”, designation “Falcon Scout”. The real purpose of this disguise was to test the rail gun weapon system in a real combat situation. Because The Black Falcon often receives a variety of high-risk contracts, Hannah got many opportunities to test the weapon on a variety of targets. However, Takeshi's real purpose is not limited to simple weapon testing. Since Hannah’s team does not officially belong to HOC security force, Takeshi can mobilize them without the permission of the HOC board of directors, and the deadly rail gun weapon is a perfect tool for assassination.


This product includes:

1 x Hannah Sharp 35mm scale resin kit (with 30mm base)

1 x Serial number certificate and art card

Assembly instruction

Steel collection case

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