Metal Head 03 Painted Bust

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After the great global financial crash- smaller nations were unwillingly absorbed into stronger nations; creating new- ultra powerful, Super Nations.  

Citizens of previous nations are forced to cram into corrupt and lawless Mega Cities. Organized Gangs or Neo Triads spawn from the streets of these cities, with 3 major gangs fighting for domination.  

To add to that, further technological advancements in prosthetics intensifies the already fragile dynamic. From increased physical strength to heightened senses- Triad members have made the most of this movement. Profiteering from bootleg prosthetics as well as arming their loyalists with the newest, deadliest upgrades.  

Like gang tattoos- deadlier upgrades become a mark of respect. Thus, the leaders of these Triads have almost full body replacements- with only their mind and leadership left that is Human.  

The new versions of cyber-humans are cold, hard and lethal- almost machine, and they are called Metal Heads.  

METAL HEAD-03 - Incense Master of the White Suits Gang - Brilliant strategist, one of the few that acquired a full cranium replacement and even had it plated in Gold. - Bold, eccentrically cruel and a strong proponent for cultural order.


This product includes:

Hand painted full set of MH-03 bust (LED and battery box installed)

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