Chapter 43 - Silver Shores

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February 2024 release.

This chapter contains:

  • Cerwyn the Ship Elder
  • Cerwyn’s Study – Diorama Piece
  • Ancient Sea Serpent – Gargantuan Monster
  • 6x Elven Sentry (spear and sword variants)
  • 2x Elven Duelist
  • 2x Elven Stormcaller Mage
  • 3x Elven Mounted Archer
  • 3x Elven Coastal Ranger
  • 2x Elven Navigator
  • 2x Elven Shipwright
  • 2x Elven Loremaster
  • 2x Elven Healer
  • 2x Elven Townsfolk
  • 2x Dolphin
  • Elven Ship - Large
  • Elven Boat
  • Elven Lighthouse Terrain
  • Elven Gazebo Terrain
  • 2x Elven Lamp Post – Scatter Terrain
  • Elven Guard - Throwback Model from Chapter 4
  • Brightwood Ranger - Throwback Model from Chapter 9
    All miniature models come pre-supported and as clean STL files. Terrain models print without the need for supports (supportless).
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