Gauren, Necropolis Hero

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Gauren's tale is by no means unique. Like many tyrannical nobles, they learn too late that crowns are easily struck down. Lord Gauren was lord of everything he could see, yet it was not enough. He ruled over a small and poor fief and squeezed the peasants for everything they could give him, trading every small gain away to a charlatan who promised him power and glory. When his coffers ran dry, he simply squeezed harder, sacking everything in sight, until finally his vassals revolted. His own enforcers led the charge against him, eventually hanging him in the courtyard of his own manor. Gauren's hatred of the peasants that ended his life was sufficient to bring him back from the Rift. Gauren desires only to destroy and take what he can, especially the commoners and peasants that cross his path. Fear has always been the best route to power, and now he is more frightening than ever.

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