Warriors Of Unity - Triarius Veteran Cohort

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A Cohort of eight 32mm Sci-Fi Roman models armed with gunglaive and shields for the tabletop. Each of the eight members of the squad has a unique pose and includes one captain/leader. Note: the shields shown in the individual poses are early renders, the actual shieds are shown on the group shot and in the dedicated shield image.

Triarius Veteran Cohorts are made up of the most effective warriors within the Legion. When a warrior is promoted to the ranks of the Triarius they are outfitted with an Achaemenid Pavise and a Sovnya. These large tower shields and long-hafted weapons allow the Trarius to form impenetrable phalanxes when required but gives them enough tactical flexibility to act as a heavy shock troop. The Triarius are the third and final line of a Legions formation, they stand as an inviolate bulwark against anything formidable enough to have fought through both the Hastus and Princepta lines.

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