Warriors Of Unity - Princepta Support Cohort

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A Cohort of eight 32mm Sci-Fi Roman models armed with chainaxe and flamers for the tabletop. Each of the eight members of the squad has a unique pose and includes one captain/leader.

The Princepta Support Cohorts are specialist warriors that form a secondary battle line behind the Legions Hastus Cohorts. These warriors will have shown a level of ferocity and callous disdain for their own mortality that would make even their brother warriors within the Hastus blanch. Each of these Legionaries is armed with a flame projector and an immense chain axe or glaive. These warriors are normally held back during the initial engagements of a battle and will move in to sure up any Hastus Cohorts that have suffered unsustainable casualties. If in a rare case the enemy penetrates through the Hastus line and attempts to create a salient, it is the Princepta that are charged with closing it. With their flamers and heavy assault weapons they will throw themselves into the fray no matter the foe.

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