House Bharteth - Judge On Patrol Bike

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An Imperial Marshal from the Book of Law mounted on his Patrol Bike, the Dreaded Judge is the final word on law throughout the Hives. Evidence is optional.

The models is supplied in three parts; the Patrol Bike, the Rider and a Shotgun.

This model is part of the House Bharteth Patreon rewards and Patrons also get access to Chracter Cards, Artwork, Lore and help in deciding the direction of the characters and releases. You can get this model, his unmounted version, a flock of Grapplehawks and the Shackled proto-human for AU$4 during the month of May. If you are interested in these models or the project, be sure to check out the Patreon:

Нет описания на русском языке. Любой может его добавить, но пока не дошли руки.

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