Reconquest: Phase 1 & 2

The year is 2673.

160 years ago humanity was evicted from their home, invaded by the terrifying Scourge. A parasitic race determined to capture or kill every living being, they overwhelmed mankind’s defences.

Humanity escaped to the Colonies, abandoning Earth and the Cradle Worlds to their attackers. Now the United Colonies of Mankind have come back, fighting a bitter war known as the Reconquest.

They are beset on all sides not just from the Scourge, but the ancient alien Shaltari, the abandonists of the Post-Human Republic, and even on occupied worlds by the Resistance.

Reconquest 1 & 2 are the original two campaign books for the first edition of Dropzone Commander.

Note that the rules contained in these books are no longer current, although both books contain a wealth of background lore, awesome painted pictures and ideas for games. They have loads of scenarios which will need significant tweaking for the current edition of the game, but for hardcore fans or those new to the universe and wanting a bit more background reading, these books are fantastic.

Contained in this set are 2 softback books.

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