German flamethrower tank Pz.Kfw III

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German Pz. Kpfw. III Flame Thrower Tank
1/100 Scale Model Kit also suitable for use with the Art of Tactic
This kit includes one plastic model German tank from World War II.
Model supplied unpainted. Assembly required. This “snap fit” model can be assembled without glue.
Includes unit flag and unit card for use with the Art of Tactic WWII game.
Historical Notes
During World War II, every major combatant developed some form of “flame tank”, featuring a flame thrower weapon. Though these weapons were too short ranged for effective use on an open battlefield, they were devastating to enemy morale and very effective in close quarters or against fortified positions. But, as infantry anti-armor weapons improved late in the war, this tank variant gradually became obsolete.
The German army produced a number of flame thrower tank variants, known as Flammpanzers. One such design was built on the proven chassis of the Panzer III (or Pz. Kpfw. III). The normal tank gun from the Panzer III was replaced by an oversized flamethrower, similar to those used by infantry units. Because it was mounted on a vehicle, however, the Flammpanzer’s weapon had much better range and carried a lot more fuel, making it a terrifying weapon for infantry in fortifications.

Историческая справка:
Модификация Т-3, выпускавшаяся с февраля по апрель 1943г.  Планировалось использовать данный танк в уличных боях. Особого вклада в боевые действия танк не произвёл. Документов о его применении очень мало. 41 такая машина приняла участие в боях под Курском в 1943году.
Использование танка в Art of Tactic:
В игре имеет меткость «4», предназначен исключительно для ближнего боя. Цена заслужена: уничтожение пехоты и танков противника, прорыв обороны и постановка дым завесы. Из минусов стоит отметить слабую защиту и медлительность на открытой местности, а также небольшой боезапас. В умелых руках эта машина способна творить чудеса и наводить ужас на противника.

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