Company - Corvus Belli Lines - Aristeia
Adding all the catalgue from this game b Corvus Belli.

New added sets Showing all sets, not only added during project running.

Statistics Need to update by hands

  • Company
  • Corvus Belli
  • Description (en)no
  • Description (ru)ok
  • Locationno
  • Foundedok
  • IWSAno
  • Sets682
  • Progress81%
  • Game
  • Aristeia
  • Description (en)ok
  • Description (ru)no
  • Foundedno
  • Sets0
  • Progressno
updated 10 December 2019
Leading: Kazan (161)
Participants: Kazan (161)

Last actions in this project

Kazan change Game Logo in Aristeia2 years 1 week назад

Todo for all Teamwork materials

done by Dan
Show statistics for all factions, without necessity to list all of them. teamwork, material types - teamwork


I will participate in this project! What can i help with?
Я готов поучаствовать в этом проекте! Чем я могу помочь?

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