More Painted Pictures from our Collections...

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More Painted Pictures from our Collections...

Is the intent to have folks upload their painted figures to the main set page? Here's what I'd love to see. When I go to the set page I see those who have posted their painted version as it gives inspiration to see how others painted the miniature. However, if I go to my collections page (or somebody else's) I see my painted miniature versus the default unpainted.

The most important question here - free space on site. We have only 150gb ssd space and most of it already used) I had to move out of site some parts, like GW miniatures rotations - they take to much space, but not a "must have" thing. There is very important - like sets images, i will buy more space for them, if needed. But we need to optimize space using.

I see two variants to show some painted miniatures on set's page.

1. Google custom search

I can try to add Google image search to every page. By the way - you can use it any time now, just click on magnifier on left column on set's page to go to image or text search. As i know - i can use on free google developer account custom images search. I hope i can show images results on pages.

Pros of this method:
- show random images with painted miniatures for inspiration
- we dont need to store images (maybe only cache)

- random popular images, maybe with faults
- images are not from our members

2. Showing images from social networks

On this way - member can add link to his FB or Instagram account and use some tags in his posts, like working now news and gallery on front page. Placing a hashtag like #gw_90732873813 (you can look for such tag on every page set) in public post - Miniset can scan posts for such tags and show them on site.

- can show our member's images
- correctly images showing, without faults
- we dont need to store images (maybe only cache)
- members dont need to post images everywhere, just in one popular social network

- any?

I think a lot about quality of average painted miniatures.. So i stop on next idea and it's working now on (really!).

3. Showing posts from social networks from Paint Studios and professional painters.

I speak with a lot of paint studios. Here, in Russia, they all want such free advertising. A lot of studios over the world dont ready for this, i can understand why... All they need - just to add in every post tag like #studioname_paint and that's all, but no) Every studio, that add such tag - we show their works in our Gallery of Professionals and on front page. If they also use miniature's id tag - such images showing on correspond set's page.

- Exelent quality of painted miniatures!

- need to moderate posts to add them a relations to sets
- need to talk with every studio and professional and tell them about pros of this... They dont want to hear about adding a tags)

I think the truth is using 2 and 3 variants.

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