We need your help - tell us what to change on Miniset.net!

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We need your help - tell us what to change on Miniset.net!

It is very important for us to know what changes/improvements you would like to see on our website. The question is not about which sets or companies to add, the question is about improving and usability of the site.

Maybe it's inconvenient for you to add new thumbnails? Or is it difficult to find the right information? We welcome any ideas and feedback, let\'s discuss it and we will try to change for the better!

You can speak out and discuss your ideas here on the forum or on our new Discord server.

We are not a very large community, but the opinion of each of our participants is important to us!

Thank you a lot.

Site is more than fine to me, so I have no important requests.

One thing I noticed, but it's just nitpicking, when a model belongs to more than one game (i.e. Hordes and Warmachine, or Warmachine and Riot Quest) you cannot associate faction to the game (i.e. a dual faction model that's both Mercenary and Minion has both factions associated to the first game entered, while Minions is a Horde faction and Mercenaries is a Warmachine faction)
Example: https://miniset.net/sets/pip63032
If you click on Mercenaries on the right, it lists it as Hordes Mercenaries, while it should be Hordes-Minion and Warmachine-Mercenaries (and Riot Quest has no factions).

But as I said, it's just nitpicking. Website is fine as is.

Gabbi, i understand what do you mean. But for now - site cms dont have any adequate line's chains. It is not possible to specify a two different chains in one set at the same time, i.e. Company -> Game 1 -> Faction 1 and Company -> Game 2 -> Faction 2. Both Games will have two factions in catalog.

I really don't understand how it can be added and not complicate the life for other members...)

No problem, as I said, it's was just nitpicking.
For models that are Warmachine OR Hordes AND Riot Quest, it's just a matter of entering Warmachine or Hordes first, as the CMS seems to attach factions to the first game (if more than one are submitted). So that's just fine (Riot Quest doesn't have factions).

Thanks for reply!

This is not a problem in this particular situation, but it's just lucky here, in another place it may be an inconvenience that is not yet clear how to solve)