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Lore Related Material/Products beyond minis

I've noticed that when it comes to Games Workshop products the novels and other things are being added to your database. I have continued this theme and added in the novels for Necromunda and Dark Future... and if I have Warhammer 40k stuff no on site. These are easy, because all their stuff has a Games Workshop code. But what about products outside of this. There are Warhammer 40k comic books out there as well, there has even been a Warhammer 40k collectible card game, which I also own. Do you want to add these types of products to the site as well? If so we might need a "comic" field in the technical information section

Now, I've been adding in all the game books I own for BattleTech, but I also have every novel ever written in that setting. These are a bit more annoying to deal with, because for quite a while these were not published by the game developer and instead publications were outsourced, which is pretty common. However, if you think the novels are appropriate to add, I will add them all.

RPG's and other games:
For a game like Dungeons & Dragons it seems like I should add in the game materials I have for this? It's well known Ral Partha made miniatures for the D&D setting for ages, so including the game books and other items seems like a good fit for the site? Again, I have stuff going back to the 70's and 80's for this kind of content.

Now here's where my question really comes in. There are RPG's for various franchises that have had miniatures made in the past or for a different game. The one that comes to mind immediately is the new Alien RPG from Free League press, which I own. Now you can easily use the minis from other Aliens products in this RPG, but there are no official minis made for that RPG in the same way minis are made for D&D. Do you want me to add the Aliens adjacent games as well?

Collectible Card Games
This would probably be a bad can of worms to open in general. But they did make some Warhammer 40k related card games. I have some, but not all. Do you even want this stuff on the site? Likewise they made a BattleTech CCG in the past well, which I also have...somewhere.

Video Games:
No doubt you know of the video games based off of Warhammer 40k. This goes beyond the "app" field, in my opinion, but they have released some excellent video games in that franchise. Going down this road opens us up to cataloging video games, which might also be a no go on the site. But there are video games based off of miniatures games! So, I wanted to ask before I go wild adding material.

The only reason I bring any of this up is because you are the only ones building a database that could potentially be fully comprehensive for gaming. Boardgame Geek is a nice site with a strong gaming community, but they do not allow you to add separate miniatures. Instead they have main rulebooks etc., but you can't keep track of your collection in a comprehensive way like you can here. Same goes with the books, not all game books are allowed. Goodreads will host all the game books, but they won't let you upload minis, never mind no comics. In theory only things with an ISBN or ASIN are allowed.

When it comes to cards, TCG player is mainly only good for Magic. I see them trying to branch out, but, frankly, their collection arm where you store your personal collection is not good. It's buggy and slow. As a database system, I think you are the only ones that are purely trying to build this and since you're not selling anything, the lag time for users might stay really good. Once I get all my material uploaded, I'm going to share the site with some other people and see if we can get some more users cataloging their ancient collections.

Our site is primarily about miniatures and we collect their history. But miniatures is not only figurines, it is also a lot of things connected directly or indirectly.

A BattleTech collector, like you, collects not only miniatures, but also everything related - board games, books, merch and all this is part of his collection. The GW collector is exactly the same.

Many companies, such as Reaper, sell individual figures for completely different themes, types, and so on. But all these figures are used in an RPG like DnD, and not in one game. And someone produces modules in which these figures are used.

My main thought is that collecting the history of the miniatures, we should not neglect the materials related to it. They are not the main thing, but for collectors all of this is a single collection, although it is the miniatures that serve as the basis for it. I hope no one collects only packages or receipts from stores?)

So Lore books, Magazines, Novels and Comics, related video games, RPG modules - definitely yes. About TCG - only if they relate to the world of miniatures. Otherwise it's a pandora's box, there are too many of them)

All this won't take up much space on the site, but collectors will be pleased!

P.S. Maybe we need to add a field for the type of book - novel, comics, rules, etc.?

Yeah, I was going to stay in the realms of games products that have miniatures. Some of these franchises are just gigantic at this point with generating 40+ years of content, so I was a little skeptical as to how deep down that rabbit hole we should go. As someone who collects franchise specific stuff, I am 100% all about having my collections stored on one website haha, BUT as you point out, I don't want to be selfish and abuse my ability to add things hehe

I just have some rather cool products related to these franchises and games that, well, they just don't seem to make anymore. Trading cards used to be a rather big thing (non TCG) and I have some cool Aliens related products in that realm!

So, the TCG's I personally have and know exist are Aliens vs. Predator, Warhammer 40k, BattleTech, Terminator, and Planescape: Blood Wars. Those are the overlaps that I know about. I own nearly complete sets of everything except BattleTech and I can make good scans of the cards, which I don't believe exists? If we add these into the mix we'll probably need some fields.

As for books, yeah, we should definitely have different fields for what type of book. Maybe even have an author field somewhere if we're doing novels. I don't know how sophisticated the programming on the database is, but if a user submits an item and selects "book" maybe give options for author? Gamebooks are different, because a lot of times the current thing is to not put names on stuff, ESPECIALLY if it's a Games Workshop product. BattleTech is a bit better, where they list who participated in the writing, so they're nice about it. GW doesn't care. They used to, but now they don't.

PS: I just want to complain, I've been digging up my parents house and my own house looking for the old stuff to add on your site and there's just some stuff I seem to be missing. I had a complete set of Starship Troopers miniatures game rule books, can't find it. I had original boxes kept and preserved for MechWarrior Clix and Halo Actionclix... can't find any of them, I'm just so frustrated with it at this point! Not like I don't have things to archive, I go back to work on the 6th so I want to finish as much as I can by then! haha

If this is related to miniatures, games about them and their companies - add whatever you see fit)

For cards, if I understand correctly, new fields will not be needed. They can be easily separated using the Specification field. After all, we are talking about the type of card - rare, usual, glittering, etc.?

And for books, yes, I will need to add the writer/author/artist fields. I need to think about how to do it better in technical terms.

P.S. Yes, something is always lost in a large collection, but I believe that everything will be found!)

Gamebooks are different, because a lot of times the current thing is to not put names on stuff, ESPECIALLY if it's a Games Workshop product. BattleTech is a bit better, where they list who participated in the writing, so they're nice about it. GW doesn't care. They used to, but now they don't.

A lot of companies have stopped mentioning authors for various reasons. Someone considers it unimportant (a person on a salary and why mention him?), someone is afraid that they will be lured away.

We are for collectors to know the whole truth about their miniatures. And we really respect those companies that are not afraid to publish their authors. Therefore, in companies we have a field of compliance with the "Rules of Honor". It is one thing - not to hide the heroes.