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Avatars of War, SLNE is a small and young company located in Barcelona (Spain). It is ran by two persons (Johanna Acquah and Felix Paniagua) who work fulltime on the project. Avatars of War designs, creates and manufactures 28mm fantasy metal miniatures and miniatures games. Their products have had a big and continued support from gamers & collectors around the world since its inception, allowing the company to grow steadily since it was born in April 2007.

Hello, my name is Felix Paniagua, a passionate miniatures sculptor from Barcelona, Spain. After working both freelance and in-house during ten years for several companies in the miniatures industry (Games Workshop and Privateer Press among others) I decided to start a personal project to create a personal line of fantasy miniatures. To this end, I founded in 2006 my own company, Avatars of War.

At Avatars of War we have been since then creating and producing some the most heroic and iconic fantasy miniatures heroes in the hobby. During these 15 years, we have assembled an unmatched creative dream-team, composed by the best sculptors, designers and moldmakers in the industry, and we have manufactured in metal, resin or plastic, a bit more than one million miniatures!
Nowadays we are one of the industry's most veteran and liked range of miniatures, and thousands of gamers and collectors around the world have chosen an Avatars of War miniature to command their fantasy armies on the tabletop. Be brutish Orcs, proud Dwarves, wise Elves, courageous Men or evil forces of Chaos, you will have a hard time to find an army or a cabinet somewhere without an Avatars of War miniature in it!

Avatars of War has had a huge and continued support from gamers & collectors since we released our first miniature, the Dwarf Berserker, an instant classic and won the award for best miniature of 2007. We are immensely grateful for this support to hobbyists all around the world, and admiring the tremendous creativity that you put on our models through superb and unique conversions and paintjobs is without doubt the best part of our job.

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