Tim Prow

Sculptor, company owner
and just a nice person

Sculptor of 242 miniatures
Owner of the company: Diehard Miniatures

Tim Prow has over 27 years experience as a professional miniature sculptor. Starting out at Games Workshop as miniature painter on the Eavy Metal Team in 1989, he was first introduced to sculpting, there he learnt his craft, and never looked back.Tim works as a freelance sculptor primarily but has worked in house for both Ral Partha and Wizkids. Some of his more recent work has seen him producing for Mantic, Reaper Miniatures, Mierce, Avatars of War, and Osprey. He has also sculpted for toy companies outside of the gaming industry and produced figures for licensed properties such as Marvel, DC, and Yu-Gi-Oh! GX to name a few.

As a founding member of Diehard Miniatures Tim Prow has continued growing the company and adding freelance artists and contributors to the Diehard team. Since 2014 Tim has run 5 successful KS campaigns and works behind the counter at Diehard Miniatures webstore!

Location: Nottingham, UK
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