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Reaper Miniatures is a leading hobby and adventure industry company. Our primary focus is the design and manufacture of pewter miniature figurines, paint and accessories for hobbyist around the world.

Reaper Miniatures was organized by four talented individuals who wanted to create, and be part of, a company that was both exciting and challenging. Founded in Ft Worth, Texas on July 4th 1992, Reaper Miniatures quickly established itself as a leader in pewter miniature design and production. From its inception, Reaper Miniatures has worked closely with artist, sculptors and writers to create a community of endless adventure for consumers around the world.

As a company started in the true traditions of entrepreneurship, Reaper's future is certainly served well by its past. Our company continues to derive significant benefit from its unparalleled reputation with consumers and the adventure game industry for high quality innovative products.

  • 1994 we launched the Scrye Counter series of collectible card game accessories and to date have sold over 750,000 of these counters worldwide.
  • 1996 we launched our Dark Heaven Legends 25mm fantasy miniature line that is today the top selling fantasy RPG miniature line in the world with over 10,000,000 blister packs sold.
  • 2002 we launched our Warlord 25mm fantasy miniature line that is today the fastest growing fantasy miniature line in the market today.
  • 2004 we launched our Master Series Paint line that is today one of the top selling fantasy paint lines in the world with over 400,000 bottles sold.
  • 2005 we released our 1000th blister pack for the Dark Heaven Legends 25mm fantasy miniature line. Number stock number 3000 "Kyra and Lavarath" was unique combination of work performed by Werner Klocke in Germany and Sandra Garrity in the USA.

We work as hard today as we did when we began to maintain high quality, innovative products for our fans around the world.

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Base Boss 2 - New Bases and Base Top Inserts
Base Boss by Reaper Miniatures~ On the road again with new bases and new inserts for our bases. What could go wrong :)
Setting: Universal
Base, Miniature, 32mm
February 2022, Denton, TX, US
Reaper Miniatures Bones 5: Escape from Pizza Dungeon
Join in the fun of painting and collecting Reaper BONES miniatures!
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October 2019, Denton, TX, US
Reaper Miniatures Bones 4: Mr. Bones EPIC Adventure!
Join in the world phenomenon of painting and collecting BONES!\r\nStake your claim now in this 4th installment and help us make more~
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August 2017, Denton, TX, US
Reaper Miniatures Bones 3: The Search for Mr. Bones!
Reaper Miniatures Bones 3 is a project to continue the expansion of Reaper's Bones line of high-quality plastic gaming miniatures.
Setting: Pirates
July 2015, Denton, TX, US
Reaper Miniatures CAV : Strike Operations
CAV: Strike Operations is a project to bring to life the CAV Universe with an all-new game edition and high-quality plastic figures.
Setting: Fantasy, Pirates
September 2014, Denton, TX, US
Reaper Miniatures Bones II: The Return Of Mr Bones!
Reaper Miniatures Bones II is a project to continue the expansion of Reaper's Bones line of high-quality plastic gaming miniatures.
Setting: Pirates
October 2013, Denton, TX, US
Reaper Miniatures Bones: An Evolution Of Gaming Miniatures
Reaper's Bones KickStarter is a project to ramp up the production of the Bones line and get you the game models you want now!
Setting: Fantasy, Pirates
July 2012, Denton, TX, US