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It's technical faction to collect all limited editions and exclusives in one place.
Progress: 91%

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Most Viewed Miniatures of Special Edition Figures

2014 Warlord Tournament Miniature
2014 Warlord Tournament Miniature. Set
Kyrie, Female Barbarian
Kyrie, Female Barbarian. Set
Resin Sophie Statue, 12"
Resin Sophie Statue, 12". Set
Platypod, Platypus Mage
Platypod, Platypus Mage. Set
Dark Maiden, Shipwreck Angel
Dark Maiden, Shipwreck Angel. Set
Urban Legend Sophie
Urban Legend Sophie. Set
Urban Legends: Ellen Stone, Cowgirl
Urban Legends: Ellen Stone, Cowgirl. Set
Echidnox, Hedgehog Hero
Echidnox, Hedgehog Hero. Set
2012 Convention Miniature - Cap'n Willie Sharp
2012 Convention Miniature - Cap'n Willie Sharp. Set
Christmas Dragon Hoard
Christmas Dragon Hoard. Set
Christmas Knight
Christmas Knight. Set
Max, Bonesylvanian
Max, Bonesylvanian. Set
2014 Reaper Artists' Banquet Miniature
2014 Reaper Artists' Banquet Miniature. Set
2008 Christmas Sophie
2008 Christmas Sophie. Set
2014 Convention Mousling: Mouse with No Name
2014 Convention Mousling: Mouse with No Name. Set
Lou, Bonesylvanian
Lou, Bonesylvanian. Set
ReaperCon 2007 Sci-Fi Sophie
ReaperCon 2007 Sci-Fi Sophie. Set
Magnus, Wizard of Hope
Magnus, Wizard of Hope. Set
Anvall Thricedamned, Evil Warlord
Anvall Thricedamned, Evil Warlord. Set
The Nativity: Donkey
The Nativity: Donkey. Set

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