The Khthones are not one race but many, a myriad of reptilian anthropomorphs created by the Atalantes to be their servants and their menials, vassals to die in battle for them and thralls to bend to their every will, whim or desire. For thousands of years the Khthones suffered this cruel slavery, years of pain and mutilation and barbarity, until their endurance was finally exhausted and the chains that bound them could be borne no more. Led by the Gorgon known as Ophios, the Gorgonares turned on their progenitors and slaughtered them, rousing Krokodar, Lískar, Hydrar and many others of the earth to unite and win freedom; yet the struggle to break free from Atalantia is not so simple, as vengeance must be served and the Atalantes are warriors still.

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