The immortal Emperor Constantine III of Byzantia may rule over a thousand realms but still he covets the power and the glory of his western ancestors at their height. He will stop at nothing to recover the lands and the strength the barbarians took from the emperors of the west and thus it is that his lumbering legions of man and fiend march further and harder than they have ever done, conquering new realms and re-conquering those that were lost, destroying the ancient enemies of Roma mercilessly, for his alliance with the pantheon opposed to the one God - the same one God that made the Romanii weak - demands such if they are to continue lending their diabolic power. The Byzantii, Constantine knows, are a proud and worthy race and they will not be found weak in the eyes of the Infernii; and nor will the Infernii - or indeed the upstart barbarians of the west - halt the rise of Byzantia and Constantine III.

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New Miniatures from Byzantii