Known to the Byzantii (and the Romanii before them) as the Pictii and renowned for their fierce savagery, the Albainn resisted their invasions for hundreds of years but resist those of others still, for many yet covet the lands in the north, wild as they are. The brutal Norse raid the coasts of Alba with increasing ferocity, as they do most lands, yet the Fomoraic and the Érainn and the Angelcynn pose a greater threat to the seven kingdoms as their kings well know. It is the reason Fortriu and Cait and Circin and the other descendants of Cruthin call upon their ancient pacts with greater frequency now more than ever, pacts that ensure the Oghu stones they revere awaken with primeval might and the Oghur and the Oghurüc and the Oghurithne descend from the mountains to turn back the hordes of their enemies.

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New Miniatures from Albainn