From the bleak lands of the painted to the soft coasts of the south, from the icy shores of Thule to the windswept beaches of Frankia, the Norsemenn are reviled in the darklands as murderers of women and children, pillagers and slavers without mercy, wild and savage killers that destroy almost everything they touch and take the rest for themselves. The fury of the northmen sweeps all before them, and yet the Norse, the Skilfing kingdom in particular, are not so barbaric - nor so different from other humans - as many would choose to believe. To live upon the cold edges of the world where the soil is poor, with the incalculable threat of gods and jötnar in the mountains around them, who is to say other men would not take to the seas to plunder and raid to feed their children? To the Norse, the weak are nothing, for their realm has taught them that only the strong and the ruthless survive, and their victims that see clearly understand that one day the strawhairs will not merely raid their coasts; they will surely take them and the lands beyond.

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