Of the original inhabitants of what was once called the Island of the Mighty by their ancestors the Brythoniaid are all that is left, discounting the treacherous Kernowek, for the Érainn and the Albainn and especially the Angelcynn and the Seaxans have taken great swathes of their lands for themselves. Clinging to their kingdoms that remain with rock-like intensity - Gododdin and Rheged in the old north and Powys and Glywysing and powerful Gwynedd in the west, amongst others - the Brythoniaid resist all that is thrown at them and even strike back to reclaim the kingdoms that have been lost. Ancient alliances and pacts with many of the mightiest beasts that endure still, the dragons and the wyveres and the wocors, ensure that whilst the Brythoniaid are limited in number when they are brought to battle they must still be afforded the respect they deserve.

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New Miniatures from Brythoniaid