The degenerates of Ys, wholly damned by that decadent city and their Queen Euryalia, who is and yet is not the Horned God upon the earth; the treacherous Drunes of Kernow, kinslayers and betrayers, stubbornly holding to their brooding fortresses even as the rest of Prytain suffers; the remnants of Merovech's sons, led by the do-nothing king who would bow and scrape to Ys rather than lose what little of his power remains. These, then, are the most obvious servants of Kernunnos, Ysians as they call themselves, depraved and savage, cruel and heartless, unpredictable malefactors that have succumbed to their basest desires and to whom the world is theirs to do with as they please, for their God through Euryalia has told them so. For the Ysians, the only will that matters is their own.

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New Miniatures from Ysians