The Fomoraic ascend to the lands from the black depths of the seas in scaled and slimed hordes of horrifying destruction, their declining, decaying world under the cold waves driving them upwards, ever upwards, to terrorise and subjugate those who thought the world was theirs alone. Conand and Baalor, Cichol and Tethra led them in the first, with others; they lead them still, for they are immortal, true Fomoraic, Fíorfomor as they are called by the Érainn, who lie with beasts and men alike the better to fill their ranks with willing kin-warriors who claim to have the seas in their veins and great slaughter in their minds. With such warriors and the intent that lies behind their war-hosts the truth of Danu's sons and daughter's assertions are evident to those that see clearly, and those realms that squabble for power and land and plunder with their neighbours would do well to understand the unbound threat the Fomoraic pose to the lands they bicker over, for the sea-devils will not stop until all above the water is theirs.

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