At Baraka Miniatures we have a single goal: to create miniatures and games that players will love to paint and play with. We know that our goal is easy to say and very difficult to achieve. That is why we put all our experience as wargame players into our products. It is a dream come true and we feagerly wish to share our dream with gamers all over the world.

Baraka Miniatures is based in Spain, so the logical starting point was one of our forgotten wars. Our first miniatures, rules for miniatures wargames and our first board wargame, will be about the Rif War (1921-27), one of those (so called) inter-war conflicts that are full of epic clashes, special characters and are ideal for wargame scenarios. And of course we will provide you with new ad hoc rules for playing the period.

Our plan is to start in early September of this year 2021 with a wide range of the Rif War, rules for playing this exotic period and a board game that will allow you to take command of the armies that took part.

As we said, this is just the beginning. We have lots and lots of ideas to develop, so stay tuned and follow our dream, a dream that, in a way, is also yours. At least we hope so.

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