Adeptus Astartes

The Legions of the Adeptus Astartes are more commonly known as the Space Marines - the most powerful and dreaded of all human warriors. In some respects they are not really human at all but super human - superior in almost every way to an ordinary man.

A Space Marine can live for hundreds of years. His senses are sharper and muscles stronger than those of a normal man. His body contains organs unique to Space Marines which enable him to survive poisons, heal wounds in moments, and see in the dark as if it were day.

The Space Marines are the Imperium's elite fighting troops, a core of highly mobile shock troops trained to fight on land and in space. On the battlefield they are expected to take part in the most dangerous and important attacks, to hold their positions no matter how hopeless their situation. Space Marines are entrusted with all sorts of perilous missions, such as lightning raids behind enemy lines, infiltration attacks to capture vital positions, and tunnel fights in enemy held cities.

They also undertake long voyages of planetary exploration and conquest on behalf of the Imperium, earmarking planets which are too well defended so that they can be attacked later with the support of the Imperial Guard.

Space Marines Characters

Equipment: All Space Marines wear power armour with 3 points of additional ceramite ablative armour on the chest, legs and arms. All Space Marine power armour has a built-in comm-link. Most Space Marine armour also incorporates full auto-senses and a re-breather, plus a de-tox injector with five doses.

The sample profiles below are before any modifiers for wearing powered armour. Space Marines attached to the Inquisition often have access to Rare and Exotic equipment.

Special Abilities: All Space Marines have the following special abilities: Ambidextrous; Nerves of steel; Spit acid.

Awareness: The enhanced senses which a Space Marine possesses, coupled with the advanced systems which are built into his power armour, mean that a Space Marine doubles his Initiative value when attempting to detect enemies and for resolving other awareness tests he has to make.

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