An ancient race of sea-farers and raiders with a long and troubled history of trade and war with civilisations thousands of miles from Atalantia, the Atalantes cling stubbornly to that crumbling land despite the encroaching seas and the efforts of their myriad enemies, much of whom were once their slaves. Indeed, such is the strife upon Atalantia that it is the will of many to return to their origins, as foolhardy as that may be, yet those still with their wits about them employ forbidden magic and unearthly weapons to keep their lands and their culture alive. Many believe their race is doomed - at least, upon Gæa - yet it would be foolish to discount the strength of their artifices and pay heed to the desires of fools, for the Atalantes have power yet.

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New Miniatures from Atalantes