Shape-changers like their cousins, the Friesians become Weroxan, ox-men, when threatened, and often unintentionally: although some find they cannot return to human form when the threat has passed. Yet depending upon their lords and their own abilities the Friesians are either pagan or Christian, although - like the Eofora of the Anglecynn - there is mutual tolerance on both sides: pragmatism and freedom dominate the thoughts of the Friesians, especially those of the merchants and traders amongst them, which are many. For his part, King Eadgils is a pagan and a legendary statesman and warrior, but the natural mix of cultures within the mighty trading port of Dorestad has given him and his household long exposure to the Christians and pagans of many kindreds; and so, not wishing to reduce the wealth that flows through is kingdom, he ensures any troubles are quickly stamped upon.

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