They say once you enter Gomorrah you will never want to leave again. While this may seem a little far-fetched, many a gambler has entered only to become addicted to the strange atomoshphere and thrilling games offered within or perhaps the beautiful and enthralling members of staff they hire to wait on their clients. The two fire-breathing serpents exquisitely carved from smooth stone at the entrance have an almost hypnotic gaze, whilst simultaneously warning unsuspecting visitors of the danger pesent within the walls.Some of RUMBLESLAMS’s most malicious and perverse souls live within this fortress. Jester and Chick are frequently seen causing chaos within, and Comet wanders the floors looking for new souls to bond with.At the heart of this twisted building is the ring. The stadium is constantly full with people watching the vicious fights and explosive theatrics. Home of the Twisted Shadows and the Deadly Divas, Gomorrah has earned a reputation for dirty fighters and foul tactics, but also show-stopping plays and daring gymnastics.

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New Miniatures from Gomorrah