Bobby Jackson

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Sculptor of 725 miniatures

Bobby Jackson (born 1964) is a Helena-based sculptor of miniature figures for fantasy board games. He started sculpting as a boy by modifying toy figures.

Jackson graduated from David Lipscomb College in Nashville, earning a degree in art. After a stint in the Army, Jackson worked as an illustrator and graphic designer for Alabama Power. In the 1990s he returned to sculpting as a hobby. Eventually the quality of his hobby-made sculptures made it feasible for him to take it up as a profession. He took some samples to a gaming convention in Milwuakee and picked up his first client.

Jackson has become one of the leading sculptors in his field. He does custom work for a number of figure producers who make molds of his epoxy putty originals for pewter castings used in table-top fantasy games. One of his more notable lines was his own invention, a set of 12 "urban combatants" dubbed "Thugz".

Jackson is the brother of novelist Joshilyn Jackson.


Sculpts ( 725 )

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