Sandra Garrity

Sculptor, painter
and just a nice person

Sculptor of 462 miniatures
Painter of 2 miniatures

Miniatures made for: Reaper Miniatures Inc., Ral Partha, Lance & Laser Models Inc., Leading Edge Games, Game Lords Ltd., Alderic Entertainment Group (AEG), Thanes Games, Black Orc, Discount Hobby/Dark Ages Miniatures, Aspen Modeling Company, Talon Games(HAVIC), Guardians of Order, Rafm/Silver Fox, Dwarven Forge/Master Maze, Fantasy West, Franklin Mint, Danbury Mint, Rawcliffe Pewter/a division of Encore Group Inc., Fortress Figures Inc., Hasbro Toy Group, Spirit of the Empire, and private commisions

Location: New Carlisle, Ohio, USA



All information taken from opened resources like person's blogs or pages. If you are Sandra Garrity - please, contact us to change info!

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