Aztlan 2: Reforged

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Aztlan 2 Reforged is a 3D-printable Mesoamerican tileset by Aether Studios. Aztlan was our very first original set and after 2 years we wanted to expand it based on the requests by our many fans and patrons. What was a set with 29 awesome models in it has now been expanded. Aztlan 2: Reforged is a 111 model mega set with room and corridor options in abundance.  

The Cat Den wall was a big favorite from the original set, so we added many more options. We added clips to the giant Ozomatli Tower. We remixed up a pyromancer miniature, made a new damaged Olmec Head, added dozens of new corridor options, and sculpted half a dozen new peg wall items to give your Aztlan dungeons all the variations you will need. With the Aztlan Awakens Kickstarter we added 10 new Side Doors to this set.

   This set of terrain is compatible with all other DragonlockTM models. In our World of Aach'yn, Aztlan is the home of the Azite Snakefolk and is filled with primal terrors of unspeakable horror. Warring tribes of Azite fight over the control of tombs old and new, while interlopers are disposed of without a morsel of mercy. 


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