Aztlan 4: Reforged

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Aztlan 4: Reforged is a 3D-printable Mesoamerican tileset by Aether Studios. Aztlan was our very first original set and after 2 years we wanted to expand it based on the requests by our many fans and patrons. What was a set with 31 expansion models in it has now exploded in size. Aztlan 4: Reforged is a 103 model mega set with a vast array of new models. This set allows you to build out the Aztlan B and C style dungeons, corridors, and fighting spaces. To get the full utility of this set, you should have the set Aztlan 1: Reforged at a minimum. To fully enjoy this set, you should also have Aztlan 2: Reforged and Aztlan 3: Reforged as this set builds off of their many variations.

This particular expansion to Aztlan brings Diagonal Walls, Alien Visitor Skulls, Iconography Panels, BIG floors, Door and Floor options, and the massive Tower of Tlaloc. The models are split up into four .zip files because DriveThruRPG's download servers work best at manageable sizes. This set had its origins in the friendship and foundation of Aether. Aztlan 4 was a cooperative effort, with a lot of help from Nasos Maloudis. I asked him early in our friendship to help me better represent Tlaloc, the rain giver. His giant tower inspired a massive expansion of the series. We honor that hard work and friendship with this updated and expanded set. With the Aztlan Awakens Kickstarter we had the opportunity to add new models to this set, including additional Iconography Panel Corridors and Corner Doors.

This set of terrain is compatible with all other DragonlockTM models. In our World of Aach'yn, Aztlan is the home of the Azite Snakefolk and is filled with primal terrors of unspeakable horror. Warring tribes of Azite fight over the control of tombs old and new, while interlopers are disposed of without a morsel of mercy.



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