The Ruined Temple - Ruins Of Guardia: The Trolls

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The Ruined Temple

A sacred place, defiled by the trolls.

All supportless printing pieces. The middle round floor/part is optional, you can use this piece without the middle floor.

Includes medium and large ladders and the large platform which can be used to assemble larger builds with other pieces from the Ruins of Guardia: The Trolls campaign, or with multiple prints of the Ruined Temple, as it is in the last pictures.

These last pictures show how the Ruined Temple relates to other pieces in the campaign, and is there for illustration and sizing comparisons with characters also. You can find all these other pieces in my Ruins of Guardia: The Trolls collection here in MMF.


Printing information


Temple 2 - 112x112x82.3mm

Temple 1 - 178x183x124mm

Temple middle floor - 89.8x88.3x7mm

Medium Ladder - 16.5x4.1x78.1 mm

Large Ladder - 20.6x4.43x124mm

Platform - 132x64.3x17.1mm


Supportless printing for all pieces.


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