Elmore Dragons Set # 2 - Red Dragon

Painted by Dirk Stiller

Susan Wachowski did another FANTASTIC job on painting up the 2nd Elmore Dragon for Dark Sword. She kept him well fed with Tuna while he was getting his new paintjob at the Paintminion Dragon Factory. And way down below you can find the first Green pics right from the studio of Dave Summers that will provide you a scale to gauge the size compared to our normal human sized minis. Dave will be a busy man in the months ahead with all of the Dragon work we will be sending his way!
We just posted a blue version of Elmore Dragons Set # 2 from Peter Lee down below. Check them out!

I have received many questions on the size of our dragons so here are the dimensions:

Height to wing tip: 6.50 inches (or 165mm), Height to horns: 4.25 inches (or 107mm), Weight: 1.25 pounds of pewter

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