Space Hulk (fourth edition - 2014)

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Pit the mighty Blood Angels Terminators against a lethal swarm of agile Genestealers in this two player board game. Inside the cramped confines of a derelict Space Hulk known as the Sin of Damnation, the Blood Angels must fight to save Mankind from the alien menace that lies within.

Games of Space Hulk are played on a gaming area made up of high-quality card tiles which fit together to create the cramped confines of the Space Hulk. Each of the 16 missions included in the boxed game uses a different set-up, or alternatively you can assemble the pieces in any way you like and create your own bespoke games.

The rules to play the game and 16 missions (4 that are brand new) are all contained within two full colour booklets: the Rulebook and Mission Book. There are also 35 plastic Citadel miniatures, including: 11 Blood Angels Space Marine Terminators, 1 Blood Angels Space Marine Librarian in Terminator armour, 22 Genestealers, and 1 Broodlord. Also included are three plastic mission objectives models: a dead Space Marine on throne, a Blood Angels artefact and a Cyber-Altered Task Unit.

In addition to the booklets and miniatures, you will receive a set of high-quality card tiles that make up the gaming board. Included are: 110 gaming counters, 77 corridor and room sections, 2 new boarding torpedoes , a brand new turbo-lift, 20 doors with plastic stands, 1 mission status display, a sand timer and 5 dice.


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Space Hulk

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I have wanted a copy of this board game since I realised what it was, sorry but I must explain. I returned to the Warhammer hobby after 27 years away. I was originally a fantasy purist but after my break I found myself drawn into the grimdark that is Warhammer 40,000.

I was only beginning my journey when the fourth edition of Space Hulk was released, my local GW manager had kept me a copy but not knowing much about anything 40K I passed it up at the time thinking he was going for some hard sell tactics lol (I have since found out that he isn't like that at all!).

I have been keeping an eye out for a new copy on eBay and the likes but they were always way overpriced and a bit beyond my budget. However on Friday I managed to pick up a copy for £99 delivered, brand new sealed in the box! Superb.

I was so excited about my buy I actually paid extra for speedy delivery and upon opening earlier today I wasn't disappointed!
The box oozes quality, I must say i was a little put off with the coloured plastics on the sprues but after a good inspection noticed that they are in fact every bit as high quality that we have come to expect from Games Workshop.
From the 16mm Dice to the high quality card tiles there isn't a thing in box that is sub standard.
I am looking forwards to finishing my current project so I can get stuck into painting my Tyranids and Blood Angels.
If there is anyone out thinking about getting this ever rarer board game, act now the prices will only increase and I am 110% sure you will be every bit as happy with your buy as I am.

Shirlzknight, thank you for your advice - i'm totally agree with all yours words about this game! It's excellent!

Yes Dan it is both an excellent game and a lovely collector's item containing some beautiful and unique miniatures. I am currently painting some tactical marines as Blood Angels to find a method of painting red that I'll use on the Blood Angels Terminators.I want to make a great job of these miniatures as they deserve it.
On another note, have you checked out Assassinorum: Execution Force? Although many of the miniatures in that box are not exclusive the four assassins are and it is a really fun game to play- either with friends or as a challenge, solo- have a look if you haven't already!
Cheers :)

Craig, i dont try Assassinorum, but i read about it. May be in future i'll buy it) There is too much miniatures to paint, so i afraid to buy new ones)

Haha I hear you loud and clear on that note! I have boxes upon boxes of miniatures to paint - at least two 3000 point armies to do! Also I am in the middle of painting my battle board, I have still got about 25% remaining, then there is Assassinorum: Execution Force and now Space Hulk, so I most certainly have my work cut out for the next few months!! I have put Space Hulk at the top of my to do list, everything else is on hold until I get that done. I love painting so I am very happy to have all this in front of me!!

Oh... There is a lot of work in future) But how to stop to buy more?)