Devotee Malicant

Raised from Birth to believe in the Redemption, Malicant is a Devout Individual, dollowing the redempptionist creed of seeing sin in every creature, which can only be purged through bloodshed. Sculpted by Mark Harrison this boxed set contains one Devotee Malicant model which requires Assembly.

Malicant's ancestors were from the home of the Redemptionist movement, the hive world of Necromunda. Centuries ago they left their world on a Redemptionist crusade, finally founding a Temple of the Redemption on Ghastri IV. Brought up from birth to believe in the strict observances of the Redemption, raised by the fiery priests and zealots of the order in the Temple, Malicant is a ferociously devout individual. It is no surprise then that he caught the eye of Witch Hunter Tyrus when Malicant's crusade joined forces with the Inquisitor during the Treachery of Hanuchek. Since then, he has accompanied Tyrus across the galaxy, always spurred on by the Inquisitor's rousing speeches.

Malicant is right-handed.

Equipment: Eviscerator; two laspistols; flak armour on all locations.

Special Abilities: Ferocious assault; Force of will.

Нет описания на русском языке. Любой может его добавить, но пока не дошли руки.

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