Sergeant Stone

Such was the intensity of the fighting on the Forge world of Dantis III during the Tyranid invasion, only three gland warriors are believed to have survived the fighting. Sgt Stone was one of them. Sculpted by Alan Perry. This boxed set contains one Sergeant Stone model. Requires Assembly.

When the forge world of Dantis III was invaded by Tyranids, Imperial Guard regiments from the nearby world of Lostok were drafted in to combat the menace. The surface of Dantis III was heavily polluted and the infestation of deadly Tyranid organisms made fighting outside the factory-complexes almost impossible. A few companies of the Lostok 23rd were modified by the Techpriests to fight in this hellish warzone, incorporating many organs and drug-secreting glands that enabled them to survive unprotected, as well as boosting their combat abilities and aggressiveness. Only three Gland Warriors are believed to have survived the conflict, and Sergeant Stone was one of them. After the successful defence of Dantis III, Sergeant Stone was amongst those taken by the Inquisition for debriefing and study, later ending up in the retinue of Inquisitor Tyrus.

Sergeant Stone is left-handed.

Equipment: Glands with de-tox, 'Slaught and Spur; duelling glaive (halberd); laspistol; two smoke grenades; knife; medikit; 2 points of armour on right arm, 4 points on left arm.

Special Abilities: Feint.

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