Krashrak the Stalker

A member of the warrior race known as the Viskeons, Krashrak left his homeworld at a young age, as many viskeos do to fight and prove his mettle in combat. Krashrak proved to be no exception and is still carving out a living as a bounty hunter of fearsome reputation. Sculpted by Colin Grayson this boxed set contains one Krashrak the Stalker model which requires Assembly.

Equipment: Knife, shockthrottle, carapace armour on chest, runic talisman (hexagrammic ward), neurogauntlets (count as drug injectors with unlimited chlorintone and four doses of reflex). His backpack contains numerous complex tracking devices which count as a psi-tracker.

Special Abilities: Subdue, Nerves of Steel, Furious Assault, Spit Acid, Ambidextrous.

Special rule:

Variable Profile: Due to the profound effect that the environment has on Krashrak's metabolism, his profile can actually change depending on his circumstances. In bright sunlight, he is sluggish and lethargic as he replenishes his energy reserves. But as the darkness draws in, he is mercurially quick and viciously strong, expending the energy garnered during the heat of the day. Krashrak has a basic profile; this is modified as normal for an Inquisitor character during a campaign. However, before a game, this can be subject to certain modifiers depending on Krashrak's circumstances.

Unless the GM has predetermined what time of day the game will take place, roll a D10 to see what conditions the game is being fought in: 1-3= High noon; 4-7= Normal; 8-0= Midnight

If the conditions are during the heat of the day (high noon) or during the dark of night (midnight), modify Krashrak's profile as stated below. If the conditions are normal, use the unadjusted profile.

Krashrak the Stalker, alien bounty hunter

From a warrior race known as the Viskeons, Krashrak the Stalker left his home world at an early age to find employment as a mercenary in the wilderness regions of the galaxy. Viskeons are ectotherms, absorbing their heat and energy from their surrounding environment. Their home world was once hot and parched, wreathed in endless deserts, impenetrable jungles and sweeping plains, perfect environs for a cold-blooded species. The young warriors would frequently leave their home world to fight and prove their mettle before returning home, and Krashrak was no exception, spending many years as a bounty hunter. He was only prevented from returning home by the intervention of Eldrad Ulthran, Farseer of Craftworld Ulthwé, who caused the total destruction of the Viskeons' planet and civilisation.

The reason for this intervention was the encroachments of Tyranid splinter fleets from Hive Fleet Kraken, that had broken off from the battle of Ichar IV and were drifting towards an enclave of planets, known as Maiden Worlds. These planets were amongst many that had been seeded millennia ago by the Eldar in preparation for their future reclamation of the galaxy and were precious beyond imagining. Events set in motion thousands of years before by the inscrutable Farseer caused an Ork fleet to unwittingly smash through the hive fleet, radically altering its course, turning it towards the Viskeon home world. That this course of events would destroy an alien race's civilisation mattered not to the aloof and haughty Eldar. That Eldar lives and their settlements would be saved was all that mattered to the Ulthwé Farseers.

The Viskeos were a proud, martial race, whose warrior code did not permit the use of ranged weaponry. To face an opponent in battle, blade-to-blade, was the supreme honour one warrior could pay to another. Anything less was unthinkable. Many of the Viskeons plied their trade as mercenaries, bounty hunters and the like, and their skill at arms was highly valued. But all that was for naught in the face of the Tyranid menace. The skies boiled purple as millions upon millions of mycetic spores hurtled through the atmosphere, disgorging a multitude of hideous alien monstrosities. The Viskeons' home world died in a single night's violence. Without ranged weaponry, the sheer number of rapacious alien predators swiftly overwhelmed the Viskeons. In less than ninety days, the hot, dry world had been reduced to an airless ball of dead rock, stripped of every single organic component. Save those who had been fighting on other worlds as mercenaries, the race of Viskeons had been exterminated.

Krashrak learned of his home's elimination almost a year after it had been destroyed and he silently commended his fellow warrior's souls to the void, knowing that they would have fought and died with honour. With no home to return to, Krashrak continued in his chosen profession as a bounty hunter, his skill growing with each successful capture. His ectothermic metabolism enabled him to function best at night and tales of the Stalker coming in the dark for his prey became a horror story with which to frighten children and miscreants alike.

The Stalker's reputation soon reached the ears of an individual who had need of his skills and, in a dim and smoky bar, Inquisitor Lichtenstein engaged the services of Krashrak. In many ways, Lichtenstein was a maverick Inquisitor, viewed with suspicion by his peers, and his researches into the forbidden mysteries of Chaos had placed him in serious jeopardy of excommunication from the Emperor's holy Inquisition on several occasions. His obsessive hunt for the Librarium Hereticus, a collection of proscribed knowledge and techno-arcana, had led him to the Omniastery of Selethoth where he hoped to view the scrolls of the mad monk, Corteswain. But he had been thwarted in this, as an hooded Eldar had stolen the scrolls from the reliquary and taken refuge on the world of Mogahl Prime, a planet wracked by rebellion and revolution. The scrolls were said to contain clues to the location of the blasphemous Librarium and Lichtenstein was desperate to learn all that they contained. For five quarts of chlorintone, the Stalker journeyed to Mogahl Prime and returned, less than a week later, with the thief's head and runic talisman as proof of the kill. He presented the scrolls to Lichtenstein and, scenting the prospect of further work, followed the Inquisitor to Karis Cephalon, the planet Lichtenstein believed was the next step in his quest.

The current upheavals on Karis Cephalon have proved fruitful for Krashrak as there are many in need of his specialised services, those who cannot turn to the law and Imperium to achieve their ends. Now tales of the Night Stalker are told around the fires and drinking halls of Karis Cephalon, and wary eyes are cast to the shadows as though the very mention of his name may conjure him from thin air.

Who knows, perhaps they are right…
Krashrak special wargear

Chlorintone: Over his many years of hunting, Krashrak has extensively utilised a sedative named chlorintone, both on himself and his prey, and has developed a unique relationship with the substance. In conjunction with his peculiar metabolism, it enables Krashrak to be perfectly still for days on end, lowers his body temperature and slows his vital signs completely. In combination with his formidable talents at stealth and infiltration, it renders him virtually undetectable, able to stalk his foes without fear of discovery.

The Stalker: Krashrak may take an action to use chlorintone at any point. When under its effects, Krashrak is undetectable by all normal Awareness tests relying on hearing, all those relying on vision (only when Krashrak is in cover or hidden) and all heat-vision such as infrascopes. He registers only as a long-dead corpse on bio-scanners. However, he is still detectable by psychic means, including psi-trackers.

If Krashrak performs more than two actions moving (including combat!) in one turn, his metabolism overcomes the effects of the chlorintone: it ceases to have any effect and he becomes detectable as normal. Krashrak cannot use reflex at the same time as chlorintone, he must use one or the other.

Chlorintone is also used in the incapacitation of his victims, whose constitutions are unable to deal with such a powerful soporific. Even a small dose will cause total muscle relaxation or paralysis. It is injected into his quarry by the use of a retractable syringe set within his bladed shockthrottle. It takes at least eight hours for anyone other than Krashrak to shake off the chlorintone's effects.

If Krashrak successfully strikes an enemy with a critical hit, it cannot be dodged, as the jaws of the shockthrottle close tight. If the damage rolled exceeds the armour on that location, the enemy will be injected with chlorintone. This will cause the affected character to lose one point of Speed immediately and one further point at the beginning of each turn until they are completely incapacitated. Further blows have no additional effect other than the normal damage.

The dosage of chlorintone the shockthrottle secretes can be increased significantly to 'Kill' setting at any time, adding a further +D10 damage to any critical hit (after doubling) that penetrates armour. It takes one action to put the shockthrottle on this setting.

If a successful parry is made by Krashrak, and he succeeds in counter-attacking his opponent, instead of causing damage he may opt to disarm them. The disarmed character automatically drops the weapon he was attacking with. Krashrak himself ignores all results that would cause him to drop his weapon, as it is chained to his wrist!

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