Kroot Mercenary

One of the first races to be added tto the fledgling Tau empire, the kroot promised to serve the Tau and them alone. However many kroot still secretly carve out a living as mercenaries, so they can acquire more genetic material and evolve. It takes a strong willed inquisitor to hire one, because their eating habits are not exactly savoury. Sculpted by Mark Bedford this boxed set contains one Kroot Mercenary model which requires Assembly


The Kroot are a race of mercenary warriors from the planet of Pech in the Ultima Segmentum. They sell their skill at arms to the highest bidder, and, while some fight exclusively for the Tau Empire, others ply the stars. Travelling on their warp-capable warspheres, they can be found battling alongside humans and alien races throughout the galaxy. They are proficient killers, and with their propensity for eating the flesh of those they defeat, it is a brave foe that dares to stand against them.
Kroot Mercenary Characters

Equipment: Kroot mercenaries can have access to a wide variety of equipment that they loot from the bodies of those they have killed. It is also common for Kroot to accept payment in supplies, weaponry and the flesh of the slain. Their equipment could include all Common weapons, frequently Rare weapons and even occasionally Exotic ones, though the rarer weapons would be those owned by a Kroot mercenary of some renown. Kroot characters will not use combat drugs however as they are known to react badly with their alien metabolism, with dire side effects.

Special Abilities: Acrobatic, First Strike, Furious Assault, Stealth (see below), Cannibal Hunger (see below).

Stealth: Kroot have acute sensory organs located within the spine quills on their heads, and are extremely difficult to surprise. As a result, Kroot gain +30% on any test relating to Awareness. In addition, Kroot are able to move incredibly stealthily, beyond that which any human could ever hope to achieve and thus any attempts to detect Kroot without the use of specialised equipment (bio-scanners, etc) suffer a -30% modifier.

Cannibal Hunger: One of the most odious habits of the Kroot is eating the flesh of those they kill. If a Kroot takes a foe out of action in close combat he will spend all his remaining actions that turn feasting on the body of his foe. Treat these actions as unarmed attacks.

Khibala Yusra

Equipment: Galthite Lacerator (see page 80 of the Inquisitor rulebook) in left hand and K'Nib multi-launcher (see below) fitted with combat attachment (reach 3) in right hand (both weapons count as implanted and therefore cannot be dropped due to injury). Fighting mask incorporating Re-breather, range-finder and anti-flash visor (+20% to Initiative to avoid being blinded by photon grenades, Blinding Flash psychic power etc). Medi pack, 3 Frag grenades.

Special Abilities: Acrobatic, Ambidextrous, Cannibal Hunger, First Strike, Furious Assault, Force of Will, Rock Steady Aim, Stealth

K'Nib multi launcher: This weapon draws its power from the metabolism of the wielder and when it fires it launches a hail of reactive bio-plasma.

Since the multi-launcher draws its power from the Khibala Yusra, its firing mode is dependent on his Toughness. It always fires on semi-automatic, but the number of shots is equal his Toughness divided by 10, rounding up. However, this is a draining experience and every time the weapon is fired (regardless of how many shots), Khibala Yusra must pass a Toughness test or add D6 to his injury total. And at the end of each game where he has fired the weapon, he must pass a Toughness test or deduct D6 from his Toughness, which cannot be recovered.

Khibala Yusra - First Born Twin of the Spear

From the western jungles of Pech, Khibala Yusra was the first born of only two twins that survived their birth into the Murabla kindred. The Murabla were a warlike kindred, many of whom followed the path of the mercenary outside the exclusive agreements sworn with the Tau. Khibala Yusra earned his name when he slew a great Kroot beast, the confrontation cost him his twin brother and he nearly lost his life.

Upon regaining his health, Khibala Yusra rose to become the leader of his Kindred, the most important social grouping of Kroot. As his reputation as a respected war leader grew, he went on to become a feared mercenary chief, honoured for his bravery and swiftly gained command of his own warsphere. His victories soon garnered him much respect from all kindreds on Pech and his periodic returns to the homeworld became occasions of great celebration and feasting.

On one such occasion, Khibala Yusra and his warriors returned to find their Kindred's ancestral lands ravaged and extended families slain. The other kindreds told of a hideous rain of fleshy spores that disgorged hundreds of monstrous beasts, which landed amidst a time of great ill-omen. This tide of alien killers slew all before it, devouring kindred after kindred before sweeping into the haunted depths of the Ygothlac forest. The kindreds told of great sounds of battle and howls that rent the nights with their fury. Days later, the shattered remnants of the alien invaders scuttled from the forest in disarray, where the kindreds who had kept watch on the forest were able to slay them with ease.

Most of the alien corpses were destroyed but one was kept alive. He had encountered such creatures before as a mercenary leader, and knew them as Tyranids. He ritually slew the alien beast and devoured its vile flesh, that he might know his enemy and set out with his warriors to fight the murderers of his kindred.

Khibala Yusra's kindred travelled the galaxy, plying their trade as warriors for several years, fighting against Tyranids, and numerous other alien foes. Khibala Yusra personally slew the leader of a warband of Galthite Expansionists, taking this powerful weapon for himself. Without a Kindred back on Pech to replenish their numbers, Khibala Yusra's warband grew smaller, with each fallen warrior solemnly devoured by the Kindred to preserve his genetic material. As their numbers fell, they were forced to abandon their warsphere and earned passage on the starships of their employers, and, following the trail of Hive Fleet Kraken, Yusra led his Kindred towards the world of Ichar IV. Here, Khibala Yusra led his warriors into battle as the forces of the human Emperor fought against the Tyranids. Khibala Yusra's warriors helped the defenders to ultimate victory.

Soon the ferocity of the Kroot warriors came to the attention of Inquisitor Agmar and, with the Ultramarines stretched to the limit in cleansing the last pockets of resistance, the Inquisitor granted them Imperial Sanction and took Yusra and his few remaining warriors into his retinue.

Khibala Yusra and his Kroot remained in the service of Inquisitor Agmar for another two years, though it was clear that Khibala Yusra had agendas elsewhere. Eventually, his warriors were all dead and the once-proud mercenary chief was all that remained of the Kindred, their genetic material contained within his body. Knowing something of Kroot death-oaths, Inquisitor Agmar released Khibala Yusra from his service. Since then Yusra has wandered through space, seeking to kill as many Tyranid organisms as possible before succumbing to an honourable death.

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