Talon, Hive Ganger

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Having never left his hive before employed by Inquisitor Vortis, Talon is finding the Galaxy a wild and dangerous place. Just the way he likes it. Designed by Alan & Michael Perry this boxed set contains one Talon model which requires Assembly.

Talon is right-handed

Equipment: Lasgun (Triplex pattern), Power Knife, Throwing Knife (concealed in boot), Knuckle Dusters, three Injectors (one of Slaught and two of Spur). Goggles – When wearing his Goggles, Talon has the Range Finder and Infrascope gunsight abilities (see page 90 of the Inquisitor rulebook).

Special Abilities: Blademaster, Hipshooting, True Grit.

Kados is an unimpressive hiveworld containing three main hives, the largest being Kados Prime. Like many, if not all hives in the Imperium, the lower regions of a hive - the Underhive - is an overcrowded and destitute place where gang warfare is rife. Talon was born and grew up in the Underhive of Kados Prime. Life expectancy in the Underhive is low, the majority of its inhabitants will never leave and know nothing of the galaxy beyond. However Talon thrived in this environment. From an early age he was recruited into a gang, the Skull Hunters, and was soon leading raids against rival gangs and the controlling Guilds.

It was during this time that a pro-alien terrorist organisation released a deadly xeno-virus into the Kados Prime Underhive. Within months the entire hive was contaminated, the number of inhabitants of Kados Prime had halved within mere weeks. Inquisitor Vortis of the Ordo Xenos had managed to infiltrate the terrorists and was desperately trying to find a cure. Kados Prime was now a lost cause but the disease was highly contagious and it was only a matter of time before it moved off-world. During his investigations in the lower habs of the hive Vortis came across Talon and the remnants of the Skull Hunters. Talon had watched as his gang had been decimated by what the inhabitants had simply called the Plague whilst he had remained unaffected. After a small confrontation Vortis managed to convince Talon to come with him, using the promise of finding and punishing those who had released the virus upon the hive.

Vortis's Adept found a unique organism in Talon's blood, which not only resisted the alien virus but lso hunted down and destroyed the viral cells. This was used to produce a vaccine, although it would only protect and cure if the virus was still in its infancy in the host. Vortis and his warband, accompanied by Talon - then set out to destroy the terrorists, after infiltrating them earlier he knew where to find them,

Talon was given the bittersweet pleasure of killing the groups leader. Kados Prime was then razed to the ground by order of Vortis, along with billions of inhabitants. The two remaining hives were provided with the vaccine and seemed free of the alien taint, although whether this was a cover-up by the hive governors' remains to be seen.

Vortis was impressed with Talon's brutal, urban-style fighting and so has employed him in his warband. Talon had never left the Underhive before he met Vortis and so is finding the galaxy a dangerous and deadly place - just the way he likes it!

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