Inquisitor Scarn

Always working from the shadows, the methods of Inquisitor Scarn have been labelled anything from eccentric to heretical. Boxed set contains 1 Inquisitoe Scarn figure.

You will notice that Inquisitor Scarn does not have any stats noted down at this time. This is because Scarn avoids conflict at all costs and is a master manipulator, always getting others to fight for his cause. If he is ever forced into combat then something mysterious will happen, it was a holographic representation, a doppelganger or some kind of puppet servitor! If Scarn does become embroiled in conflict it will be on his terms and through the use of the Hand of Scarn whose stats are given below. Of course, if you want to use the Scarn model as your own Radical Inquisitor (and why wouldn't you!) then use the Inquisitor randomiser on page 97 of the Inquisitor rulebook.

Equipment: Lots of highly advanced and alien technology to allow to get out of tight situations. A highly advanced bionic hand, no doubt with digital weapons.
Hand of Scarn

The Hand of Scarn is the Inquisitor's own personal assassin - she is completely devoted to him and will kill anyone on his whim. One of the Death Cultists models would make a good Hand of Scarn.

Equipment: Needle Pistol; three throwing knives; Razor Sharp Sword (damage 4D6).

Special Abilities: Acrobatic; Ambidextrous; Blademaster; Catfall; Dodge.

Inquisitor Scarn

Always working from the shadows, the methods of Inquisitor Scarn have been labelled anything from eccentric to heretical. He has been an Inquisitor for many centuries, often disappearing and presumed dead, only to reappear many years later. Scarn avoids direct confrontation at all costs, preferring to manipulate and blackmail. If conflict is inevitable then he will strike from the darkness with the Hand of Scarn, an assassin fiercely devoted to her master. The Inquisitor will rarely fight, always making sure that any direct confrontation is on his terms.

Inquisitor Scarn was last officially seen over sixty years ago at an Inquisitorial gathering; he has not been seen since. Many have incorrectly concluded that he is dead; this is what Scarn would like people to think. For the last six decades, Scarn has been developing his ultimate plan. The objective is known only to him, but he believes it will solve all the problems the Imperium faces. For years he has been preparing and only now are the pieces in place for the first stage to begin. He has spent much of the last decade in the Scarla Nyses sub-sector, particularly on Cirian V.

Once Scarn's great scheme has begun, he will stop at nothing to see it through to completion. If anyone gets in his way, even fellow Inquisitors, then they risk the full might of Scarn's wrath.

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