Space Marine Vindicator

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The Vindicator is a Rhino-based siege tank that boasts the most devastating weapon in the Space Marines' armoury - the demolisher cannon. The demolisher cannon is the weapon of choice amongst the Imperium's armies when faced with dug-in enemy infantry in a dense environment such as a cityfight or siege. The terrific blast unleashed by the detonation of the huge demolisher shells can bring down building in which the enemy take cover.

This box set contains one multi-part plastic Space Marine Vindicator. This 99-piece kit includes additional components to arm the Vindicator with a hunter-killer missile and a storm bolter, and can be assembled with either a closed hatch or visible tank commander.

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Space Marine Vindicator
Space Marine Vindicator


I think all of the plastic GW kits made at least after this are digitally sculpted (inc. this and the other rhino kits), from looking at some of the bits, such as the shell, where you can see edges from the 3d model cylinder, like this somewhat

This reddit post also reaffirms it somewhat:

All new sets have been made in 3d for many years. The miniatures clearly show when they were sculpted with hands, and when in 3d. This is convenient for production, so it will never be like before)